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  • Commodity:Dehydrated foods
  • Loading:20' / 40' FCL
  • Loading Capacity:20-22 MT
  • Material Use:PP bags, Paper bags, or in Carton Bags
  • Packaging:Paper Bag / PP Bag / Carton Box

SHAKTI FOODS adepts the latest technology for packaging solution for their wide range of products. Dehydrated food, dry food and beverages are everyday staples that require high-performance packaging solutions for maximum consumer convenience. Multilayer packaging materials from Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging provide excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, light and grease. Our packaging solutions are designed to run efficiently on high-speed packaging lines. Paper- and film-based multilayer laminates from Mondi ensure impressive printing results for powerful branding.

The dehydrated onion shall be packed in clean and sound containers made of material which does not affect the onion and protects it from the uptake of moisture and exit of flavor Components by way of permeation

After the strict inspection of finish goods the products are ready for packaging. With the in-house multitrans packaging technology help us to pack air tight sealed our goods. The finished product are weighed and sealed in moisture proof food grade poly bags. The bags are packed in corrugated boxes or paper bags. The product is now ready for export.

Packaging is most important part for us, finally the goods dispatch globally. That's why it must reach to final distention in safe and hygiene condition. We use paper bags and PP bags for packaging of dehydrated foods products. Further details for packaging as follows:


  • Excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, light and grease
  • Run efficiently on high-speed packaging lines
  • Impressive printing results for powerful branding.
  • We are also doing bulk packaging